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Fridge It Odour Absorber
The Fridge-It Odor Absorber uses advanced activated charcoal technology to eliminate refrigerator..
AU$5.95 AU$5.00
Ex Tax: AU$5.00
XL Prime Horizontal Fridge Freezer Thermometer
Large ad easy to read ,this refridgerator/freezer thermometer mounts horizontally on a wire rack ..
Ex Tax: AU$14.95
Portable Fridge Stand
Fridge stand for Portable Fridges Ice Boxes Eskys with 2 height positions Position 1:&nbs..
AU$49.95 AU$35.00
Ex Tax: AU$35.00
No-Mold Fridge Door Opener
Hold your fridge door open during storage to prevent mold and odors. Unique design holds your ref..
AU$17.95 AU$15.00
Ex Tax: AU$15.00
Camco Fridge Brace
CAMCO FRIDGE BRACE - Fridge braces prevent food from sliding in your RV's fridge while travelling..
AU$19.95 AU$16.00
Ex Tax: AU$16.00
Valterra Solar Fridge Fan
VALTERRA SOLAR FRIDGE FAN Controls heat build up in the vent compartment behind your refridge..
AU$69.95 AU$49.00
Ex Tax: AU$49.00
Valterra 12v Fridge Fan
VALTERRA 12V FRIDGE FAN - Helps cool fridge by up to 40% more on hot days. Thermostatically contr..
AU$79.95 AU$70.00
Ex Tax: AU$70.00
Campfire Pre-Cut Vacuum Sealer Bags 28cm X 40cm
Campfire Pre-cut vacuum sealer bags Suit the Campfire Vacuum Sealer Size: 28cm..
Ex Tax: AU$49.95
Waeco Ice Box 55L
WCI-55 WAECO Cool-Ice iceboxes Superior ice-keeping 55 litre capacity W565..
Ex Tax: AU$249.95
Waeco Ice Box 85L
WCI-85 WAECO Cool-Ice iceboxes Superior ice-keeping 86 litre capacity W835..
AU$359.95 AU$290.00
Ex Tax: AU$290.00
Bubble Level
BUBBLE LEVEL - Make sure your fridge is level with this bubble level. ..
AU$9.95 AU$8.00
Ex Tax: AU$8.00
Fridge Switch
FRIDGE SWITCH With a built in electronic movement and vibration sensor which switches the 12 ..
Ex Tax: AU$69.95
Valterra Fridge Cool Fan
VALTERRA FRIDGE COOLING FAN Up to 40% cooling efficiency on hot days. Mounts to the bottom of..
AU$49.95 AU$32.00
Ex Tax: AU$32.00
Camco Refrigerator Bars - 3Pk
CAMCO Refrigerator bars - Keep order in your RV refridgerator and cupboards during travel. Refrig..
Ex Tax: AU$24.95