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Grill Cube Fire Starter

Grill Cube Fire Starter
Grill Cube Fire Starter Grill Cube Fire Starter
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Grill Cube 


It's the easiest, most environmentally-friendly way to barbeque.


Containing just plain wood charcoal in the cardboard box, all you need to do to get it started is light the bottom of the box - the packaging is the accelerant; no chemicals or lighter fluids necessary. Because it is all contained within the one box, there's absolutely no mess in storage or use, and with no harmful packaging or hazardous material left over, you can rest assured you're doing your bit for the environment.


We're passionate about the Grillcube because it allows you to have the real experience of the Aussie barbeque on charcoal without the mess and chemical taint of other fuels.

In an open-pit environment you'll get over an hour burn time, but in a proper kettle barbeque you get over 3 hours worth of burn, that's enough time for the snags, the steaks and then left over time for a 2kg roast.

You get a better flavour to your food, and it's so easy to store and transport. It's perfect for using at home in your barbeque or out camping, all you really need is a hole in the ground with a grill over top!

Once you've started using the Grillcube, you'll wonder why you used anything else.

So get rid of the gas, throw out the briquettes, and start having a real, high quality barbeque!

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