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12 volt

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Companion Rechargeable Swing Fan
Features Ideal for home, office or caravan use, this rechargeable swin..
Ex Tax: AU$169.95
Companion Rechargeable Portable Evaporative Cooler
Suitable for holiday home, camping or caravan, this evaporative cooler features an easy to use co..
AU$369.95 AU$295.00
Ex Tax: AU$295.00
USB Charging Center
USB Charging Centre   Two USB Charging ports at 2.1 amps  White easy mounti..
Ex Tax: AU$39.95
Cool Breeze 12V 12" Fan
The Cool Breeze is a powerful but lightweight portable fan for all kinds of recreational applicat..
AU$89.95 AU$71.00
Ex Tax: AU$71.00
Endless Breeze 12V  Fan
The 12 Inch blade, 12Volt fan is housed in a safe portable, lightweight housing and connects to y..
AU$169.95 AU$140.00
Ex Tax: AU$140.00
Haigh 12v DC Metal Auto Fan
Heavy duty 8" (200mm) 12 volt chrome fan with on-off toggle switch. Great for keepin..
AU$59.95 AU$42.00
Ex Tax: AU$42.00
OSILLATING FAN 12V DC  White 150mm 1.5Amp
Provides better defrosting in cold weather Better demisting in the spring summer and autumn ..
AU$79.95 AU$65.00
Ex Tax: AU$65.00
Simply Glam 12V Hairdryer
Simply Glam 12V Hairdryer Handle folds for easy storage Simply plugs into a cigarette lig..
AU$34.95 AU$24.00
Ex Tax: AU$24.00
12v Map Light Plug In
12 Super bright LEDs Mini on/off rocker switch Adjustable arm can be moved to any positio..
AU$34.95 AU$28.00
Ex Tax: AU$28.00
Sirocco 12v Cabin Fan
CAFRAMO 360 DEGREE MANUAL ROTATING CABIN FAN   2 Year warranty Minimal grill and..
AU$189.95 AU$149.00
Ex Tax: AU$149.00
12V Camping Shower
AU$34.95 AU$20.00
Ex Tax: AU$20.00
Companion Rechargeable fan with radio
An ideal solution to your portable cooling needs, this rechargeable fan is equipped with an AM/FM..
AU$59.95 AU$47.00
Ex Tax: AU$47.00
Companion Rechargeable Mini Evaporative Cooler
Evaporative cooler or fan only Adjustable air direction Touch button control pane..
AU$159.95 AU$135.00
Ex Tax: AU$135.00
Companion RechargeableE Oscillating Fan
A great way to keep your camper trailer, tent, caravan or holiday home cool during the warmer mon..
AU$159.95 AU$127.00
Ex Tax: AU$127.00
FANTASTIC 10"12 Volt Fan
Cool down wherever you go with this portable fan. Has a 10 inch ventilation surface for maxim..
AU$59.95 AU$45.00
Ex Tax: AU$45.00
Outdoor Connection 12V "Breezeway" Fan (NEW MODEL)
  New Model Features -       3 speeds with LED li..
AU$79.95 AU$63.00
Ex Tax: AU$63.00
3 Way 12V Socket With USB
Ipods, digital cameras, camcorders, DVD/VCD players, mobile phones - our on-the-go lifestyles dep..
AU$13.95 AU$7.50
Ex Tax: AU$7.50
12V Car Cooler/Warmer
6 litre capacity (9 cans) 12 volt Compact and lightweight Ideal for travel ..
AU$79.95 AU$40.00
Ex Tax: AU$40.00
Fan-Tastic 12v Oscillating Fan
Fan-Tastic 12V Oscillating Fan Save space with the 3 in 1 AC/DC Rechargeable Oscillating Fan ..
AU$169.95 AU$118.00
Ex Tax: AU$118.00
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Smart Charge Power Pack
SMART CHARGE POWER PACK Avoid being stranded with a flat battery Multi-use power source ..
AU$199.95 AU$175.00
Ex Tax: AU$175.00
Arkpak 715 Battery Box
40V and 12V Portable Power - anytime, anywhere! Now capable of DC - DC car charging ..
AU$460.95 AU$399.00
Ex Tax: AU$399.00
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Anderson Plug
Anderson Plug - 50amps. ..
AU$13.95 AU$8.00
Ex Tax: AU$8.00
Anderson Plug Connector
AU$19.95 AU$15.00
Ex Tax: AU$15.00
Anderson Plug T Handle
ANDERSON PLUG T HANDLE This t-handle makes it easier to connect and disconnect your anderson ..
AU$8.95 AU$5.00
Ex Tax: AU$5.00
20 Amp Circuit Breaker
20AMP CIRCUIT BREAKER This 20 amp circuit breaker provides over current protection and should..
AU$7.95 AU$5.00
Ex Tax: AU$5.00
12V Impact Wrench
12V IMPACT WRENCH Features: Easy to carry and operate The easiest way to change..
AU$99.95 AU$75.00
Ex Tax: AU$75.00
3 Gang Switch Panel With Battery Tester
Supplied with 3, 5amp fuses and 1 x 10amp rocker. Fuses are illuminated. ..
AU$54.95 AU$45.00
Ex Tax: AU$45.00
Battery Condition Meter
BATTERY CONDITION METER Wire for single or twin batteries 12V ..
AU$24.95 AU$25.00
Ex Tax: AU$25.00
Volt Meter
Volt Meter Ideal for checking the voltage up to 20 volts in your caravan or motorhome. ..
Ex Tax: AU$24.95
12v Portabble Stove
Perfect for cooking and/or storing food hot on those long trips. It gets up to 149°C and its ins..
AU$59.95 AU$50.00
Ex Tax: AU$50.00
Switch Panel - Vertical
Switch Panel - Vertical  Six fused circuits with red rocker switches that glow in the da..
AU$59.95 AU$38.00
Ex Tax: AU$38.00
Amp Meter
AMP Meter Ideal for checking the amount of up to 20 amps being used in your caravan or motorh..
AU$24.95 AU$18.00
Ex Tax: AU$18.00
Switch Panel - Horizontal
Switch Panel - Horizontal Six fused circuits with red rocker switches that glow in the dark. ..
AU$59.95 AU$38.00
Ex Tax: AU$38.00
12V Rocker Switch White
12 volt rocker switch mounted on a 1 5/8" x 2 5/8" chrome or white plate. Great for remote switch..
Ex Tax: AU$9.95
4 Way Accessory Socket
4 WAY ACCESSORY SOCKET Run four appliances off the one socket 3 x 12 volt sockets a..
AU$21.95 AU$18.00
Ex Tax: AU$18.00
3 Way Socket With Indicator
Includes screws and mounting tape. ..
AU$17.95 AU$14.00
Ex Tax: AU$14.00
3 Way Socket With LED Indicator
Handy triple cigarette lighter acessories sockets. ..
AU$15.95 AU$12.00
Ex Tax: AU$12.00
Waterproof - Socket Only
Socket mounts through panel held with 2 screws and is also marine grade. ..
AU$11.95 AU$9.00
Ex Tax: AU$9.00
Waterproof - Plug Only
Socket mounts through panel held with 2 screws and is also marine grade. ..
AU$7.95 AU$6.00
Ex Tax: AU$6.00
Hella Plug Socket With Spring Cover
Single pole socket 2 - pin ..
Ex Tax: AU$13.95
Male Hella Plug
Designed to fit the Hella socket or equivalent. Internal contacts of this plug can accomodate wir..
AU$9.95 AU$8.00
Ex Tax: AU$8.00
12V Cigarette Lighter Socket
12 Volt replacement plug. ..
AU$7.95 AU$6.00
Ex Tax: AU$6.00
Merrit Plug With Cigarette Adaptor
Merrit Plug With Cigarette Adaptor ..
Ex Tax: AU$6.95